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Some Reusable Items for Clay Tools in Daily Life


We produce lots of garbage in our daily life. In fact, we can find many items which can be used for clay tools. Not only can save the money to buy lots of tools, but also protect Earth! Today, we're going to share some tips to go green with you. 


Here are the items that can used as clay tools. For example, you can use toothbrush to make the roughened surface. Instead of rolling pin, you can use wine bottle to roll the clay out thin.

If you need some items to be the filling of a clay craft, you can use straw, milk box, disposable tableware, wine bottle, paper cup, newspaper, and plastic bottle...etc to make it.



These are the everyday throw we can see in our daily life, it's easy to get them for us. We have reused newspaper to make clay craft in the last post, "How To Use Cold Porcelain Resin Clay To Make Mr.Potato Head". If you are going to make some clay craft, have a try!

Do you have any experience of using the items from daily life to make clay crafts? Let us know in the comments below




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