Creative Clay Series - Whipped Cream Clay 30g. Easy use the product, Playing cream clay can get together in and an increase each other's emotion.

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Whipped Cream Clay 30g

Whipped Cream Clay 30g

key features

✦ 7 colors are available for you to choose from.



 Like real whipped cream and shiny.

Using nozzle with cream clay can make different shape.

can mix with acrylic colors to create different colors.

Complete drying requires 24-48 hours .

 It is ideal for creating miniature items.

 Pass test report EN71 part1.2.3 &ASTM D4236.


What is whipped cream clay?

Cream clay is made of combinations of glue, powder and water, and it is a water based clay. Cream clay has delicate texture, and it looks like real whipped cream. With different shapes of nozzles, cream clay can be extruded to make different shapes of bottoming or crafts.

How to use whipped cream clay?

Cream clay has smooth texture and is firm enough to hold shapes. It is suitable for

handmade crafts like accessories, nail art works, jewelries, and decorations for cell phone.

Cream clay can attached to rough material such as cardboard, wood, etc. It requires glue

to decorate on smooth surfaces such as rubber mats, glass, etc.

Just leave the crafts expose to the air and it will get totally dried in 1-2 days. After drying,

it will have a bright, tough and elastic appearance.


Whipped Cream Clay Certification

 LY HSIN has already obtained a series of authoritative certifications in the industry of toys supplies like ISO9001, SGS, TÜV Rheinland, EN71, and so on. 

TÜV Rheinland

 Communauté Européenne EN71


ASTM International



Whipped cream clay 30g

Product & Packaging Detail

Weight 30 grams


1 pc. (Other quantities, kindly contact us to get the latest price.)

Payment 1, T/T 
2, Paypal
3, Western Union
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