Foam Bead Clay Knowledge: What Is the Foam Clay?

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What is foam bead clay?

Foam clay is a special clay that kids can play with. It is a modeling material with small beads, also can play with slime.

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How to use foam clay?

  • Air dry, No baking, and not sticky your finger.
  • Colors can be mixed to create new, vibrant colors.
  • Having special and unique texture after drying
  • Often used in the mosaic of other clay, or decorative rendering, as decorative painting, but also suitable for the production of large-scale works.


→GOOD FOR MIXING SLIME: Also for beginners or kids to make small ornaments, model animals and characters to finish a project, or just for fun.

→ARTS & CRAFTS FOR KIDS: Preschoolers are free to express their creativity, Just squish up the LY HSIN, shape it however you like, then squash it back down and start all over again

→DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS: This plasticine-like educational foam clay is a great sensory learning toy for developing and fine-tuning kids’ fine motor skills and tactile senses. The special, air-drying formula makes it easy to shape, without limiting the fun!

Clay Art Idea

  • Easter Foam Eggs
  • Combine with other types of clay.


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