What Is the Foam Clay?

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What is Foam Bead Clay?

Foam clay is a special clay that kids can play with. It is a modeling material with small beads, also can play with slime. Can be pushed and shaped into limitless designs which means girls and boys can make all kinds of ideas come to life such as dragons, princess castles, shapes, thick letters, and so much more.

Preschoolers are free to express their creativity, Just squish up the LY HSIN, shape it however you like, then squash it back down and start.


It is air-dry clay, no need for baking. Having a special and unique texture after drying. Colors can be mixed to create new, vibrant colors. Often used in the mosaic of other clay, or decorative rendering, as decorative painting, but also suitable for the production of large-scale works.

Clay Art Idea

  • Ornaments
  • Model animals
  • Characters
  • Easter Foam Eggs
  • Combine with other types of clay

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