Ly Hsin information download –color sheet, there have every color sheet and real clay color sheet. The market have more different kind of clay if you don’t clear, Ly Hsin have every clay information for you, each clay has its own personality.

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Q What's Paper Clay (Air Dry Clay)?
Paper clay (Air dry clay) is one of the most common material. Easy to paint, easy carving and moderate hardness of the characteristics. You don’t need to use oven, only 1-2 days become dry and harden.
Q What's Light Weight Air dry Clay?
Light weight air dry clay is water based clay. The good characteristic is light weight and extremely soft touch. Light weight clay does not stick to fingers, you can bold colors enable infinite color variations by mixing.
Q What's Oil Modeling Clay?
Oil modeling clay is not soluble in water, not harden and can be re-used. Useful for many mold making and sculpting undertakings, it is ideal for temporary molds and models. Also is a popular material for animation artists who need to rework their models.
Q What's Resin Clay?
The texture of resin clay such as Fimo is smooth and silky .It's easy to use and doesn’t stick to your fingers. Once dry becomes bright, extremely strong and durable.
Q What's Whipped Cream Clay?
Cream clay is air-dried clay and looks like real whipped cream. It is very tough are high toughness but also easy to shape.

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