Paper Mache 1.5kg

Paper Mache 1.5kg

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Weight 1500 g

• PAPER MACHE: With No more complicated materials or messy processes! Just add water to paper mache glue, and you’re ready to create. 

• CREATIVE PROJECTS: Paper Mache creation is suitable for creating 3D works, pulp paintings and large artworks.

• 100% PROFESSIONAL: Lyhsin has already obtained a series of authoritative certifications like EN71, ASTM D4236, ASTM F963 and so on.

What is Paper Mache?

Paper Mache from the French Papier-mâché. Pulp powder is a popular medium for artistic creation around the world, and is one of the favorite creations of many handmade artists.


● Easy to use

After mixing paper mâché clay and water together in 3:1 ratio, it become easy to use, then you can get ready to create your own art projects and have fun!

● Easy to color

Papier Mache can be colored while mixing, however the color will be more vivid when the art work is dry.

● Dries Naturally

Paper Mache works do not need to be baked, natural air drying can be done for 1-2 days, after drying the surface appears rough, can be used scrub.

● Non-Toxic

Non-toxic and safe, strictly complies with the EN71, REACH, ASTM D4236 standards and requirements.

Paper Mache mainly used

● Making paper mache projects with heartwood, you can train your modeling and coloring skills, pulp sculpture course.

● After the pulp powder is mixed with water, pigments can be added to the color toning and pulp painting can be performed.

● When the work is finished, it can be decorated with watercolor or acrylic paint, and paper mache work will take on a thick texture.

● Paper Mache creation is suitable for creating 3D works, pulp paintings and large artworks.

Production Process

production process

Ready to embark on a creative journey like no other? Place your order now and let our paper mache be the catalyst for your imagination.

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