Soft Air Dry Clay 60g(Light Blue)

Soft Air Dry Clay 60g(Light Blue)

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Microcapsules, Natural Fiber ,Water ,Glue, Colors,Antibacterial


90 Pcs


Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Light-Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Skin, White, Yellow



Soft Air Dry Clay 60g

Soft air dry clay is water-based clay. It is a lightweight, extremely soft touch and does not stick to your fingers. The texture is stretchy. Air dry and no baking and it takes 24-48 hours to harden.


  • Extra light, soft, no baking modeling clay.
  • Colors can be mixed to create new, vibrant colors.
  • Modeling clay can help kids enhance their logical thinking ability, confidence, and sensory development. Keeping kids obsessing with crafting clay and staying away from electronics.
  • It is suitable for creating delicate objects like flowers and intricate jewelry as well as sculptures, magnets, and others. Once dry it remains flexible yet firm.
  • It can be engraved, impressed by stamps, and worked to create 3D decorations.