Whipped Cream Clay 230g(Yellow)

Whipped Cream Clay 230g(Yellow)

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CREAM CLAY: Whipped cream clay is a water-based clay which has lightweight, versatile material and air-dries texture that can be easily molded and shaped, also it looks like real whipped cream.

CREATIVE PROJECTS: Cream Clay is perfect for creating miniature items like fake cake accessories such as ice cream, macaroon, doughnut, cake, scrambled eggs, etc.

100% PROFESSIONAL: Lyhsin has already obtained a series of authoritative certifications like ISO9001, EN71, ASTM D4236, ASTM F963 and so on.

Whipped Cream Clay 230g

Ly Hsin cream clay is lightweight, versatile material and air-dries to a soft, foam-like texture that can be easily molded and shaped, is perfect for creating intricate designs and adding texture to your projects. Fake whipped cream clay has a delicate texture, and it looks like real whipped cream.


whipped cream clay feature

● Easy to shape and Malleable

The high malleable feature of cream clay opens up endless possibilities, it can be easily molded and shaped by hand or piping nozzles.

whipped cream clay feature

● Suitable for all ages

Whether you’re a professional artist or a beginner crafter, whipped air dry clay is the perfect addition to your toolkit.

● Dries Naturally

No baking required, air dries completely between 24-48 hours. Also become high elasticity after air dried.

● Lightweight

Lightweight whipped air dry clay allows for effortless shaping and molding, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the users.

● Non-Toxic

Non-toxic and safe, strictly complies with the EN71, REACH, ASTM D4236 standards and requirements.


whipped cream clay application

● Cream clay usually be used for handmade crafts like accessories, nail artworks, jewelry, and decorations for cell phones cases.

● Creamy clay can be attached to rough materials such as cardboard, wood, etc. It requires glue to decorate on smooth surfaces such as rubber mats, glass, etc.

● Using tips with cream clay can make a different shape, dry pieces can be painted with acrylic colors.

● Whipple cream is good to be accessorized with deco sauce.


Production Process

production process

Ready to embark on a creative journey like no other? Place your order now and let our whipped cream clay be the catalyst for your imagination.

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