• Air Dry Clay

    Air Dry Clay (12)

    Air dry clay is a type of water-based clay and is considered an entry-level option in the world of clay. People can easy mold the air dry clay into various shapes by using their hands and other tools, it dries naturally no need for the kiln or oven to become a hard solid. Air dry paper clay is super pliability…
  • Oil Modeling Clay

    Oil Modeling Clay (16)

    Oil modeling clay is made of combinations of oils, waxes, and calcium carbonate. It is oil-based, reusable, and will not dry out.
  • Light Air Dry Clay

    Light Air Dry Clay (31)

    Light air dry clay is water-based clay. It is a lightweight, extremely soft touch. Air dry and no baking and it takes 24-48 hours to harden.
  • Porcelain Clay

    Porcelain Clay (31)

    Porcelain clay is made of combinations of resin and starch. It has a smooth, silky, and flexible texture. It will become waterproof, extremely strong, and durable after dry.
  • Whipped Cream Clay

    Whipped Cream Clay (36)

    Cream clay is a water based clay. Cream clay has delicate texture, and it looks like real whipped cream. It is ideal for creating miniature items like fake cake accessories, nail art works, pieces of jewelry, and decorations for cell phones.
  • Foam Clay

    Foam Clay (22)

    Special Supplies model play foam is made with high-quality, kid-friendly foam clay. Interactive, Fun, and Educational Toys for Kids- Squishy, Mess-Free, and Non-Toxic.
  • Wood Clay

    Wood Clay (2)

    Wooden clay is water-based clay. It's non-toxic, flexible with a rough texture. Wood clay has wood incense and texture. Suit to making natural style.
  • Polymer Clay

    Polymer Clay (1)

    Polymer clay is an oven-bake clay, will stay soft and pliable in room temperature. It will be hardened when baked in the oven at 110 ~ 130 °C and set up for 12~15 minutes (About 1 cm thick works), and can be re-baked as needed.
  • DIY Set

    DIY Set (6)

    Make and decorate your first clay product! Air-dry clay let kids learn the basic clay techniques to create a variety of colors and shapes.
  • Clay Tool

    Clay Tool (4)

    The tools are made in Taiwan, and the edges are smooth, children can safe for use.
  • Paper Mache

    Paper Mache (2)

    Paper Mache from the French Papier-mâché. Pulp powder is a popular medium for artistic creation around the world, and is one of the favorite creations of many handmade artists, simple to use and easy to color.