How to handle the sticky?

Air-dry clay can sometimes feel sticky to the touch, especially if you’re handling it for an extended period. Here are some useful tips for handling sticky air-dry clay:

1.     Wash your hands: If your hands are sweaty or greasy, the clay may stick to them more. Try washing your hands thoroughly before handling the clay, and dry them completely.

2.     Use a light dusting of cornstarch or baby powder: Sprinkle a small amount of cornstarch or baby powder onto the surface where you’ll be working with the clay. This can help reduce the stickiness.

3.     Use gloves: If you’re finding it difficult to work with the clay using your bare hands, you can try wearing latex or nitrile gloves. This can prevent the clay from sticking to your hands, and you can discard the gloves when you’re finished.

4.     Knead the clay: If your air-dry clay is particularly sticky, try kneading it for a few minutes. This can help warm up the clay and make it more pliable, and it may also distribute any moisture more evenly throughout the clay.

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