Oil Based Clay(Light Blue)

Oil Based Clay(Light Blue)

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 18 × 12.5 × 2 cm

Calcium Carbonate, Wax, Oil, Colors


60 Pcs


Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Light-Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


Oil modeling clay is sulfur-free and can reuse, which is compatible with platinum silicone molding compounds. Non-toxic and has a smooth, high plasticity texture.

Oil Based Clay 400g

Oil modeling clay is made of combinations of oils, waxes, and calcium carbonate. It is oil-based, reusable, and will not dry out. But oil modeling clay will oxidize over time and become difficult to work. Using a hairdryer to heat clay will soften it and make it easy to work.


  • Oil modeling clay has a smooth, high plasticity texture and features a low melt
    temperature, which can be shaped and molded easily.
  • Reuse modeling clay usually is used as teaching material. Kneading clay helps to develop and strengthen the muscles of children’s hands and fingers.
  • When the modeling clay sets up, it will be firm enough to hold fine detail. It is suitable for molding prototypes and making sculptures.