Deco Sauce 15ml(Brown)

Deco Sauce 15ml(Brown)

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Glue, Water, Oil, antiseptic,colors


Brown, Pink, Red, White


Fake Deco Sauce is a stringy liquid and has a melting texture. They are so pretty that you can use them in your pastel sweets projects or fake food decoration.

Fake Deco Sauce 15ml

Fake Dessert Sauce for adding colors to your deco sweets. The sauce is a stringy liquid and has a melting texture. It’s good to make the sauce for fake cake accessories ( ice cream, macaroon, doughnut, cake etc. ) with whipped cream clay. Great for decorating your miniature sweets together with whipped cream clay.


  • Air dry, No baking, and not sticky your finger.
  • Having special and unique texture after drying
  • Often used in the mosaic of other clay, or decorative rendering. 
  • The magic simulation jam features strong toughness, luster after molding, and good color! Because it is too real, pay attention to your child to avoid eating!