5 Pieces DIY Wooden Clay Tool Set

5 Pieces DIY Wooden Clay Tool Set

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• CLAY TOOL SET : The clay tool set can build and complete most of your clay, pottery and ceramic art works, such as claying, sculpting, modeling.

• 100% PROFESSIONAL: Lyhsin has already obtained a series of authoritative certifications like ISO9001, EN71, ASTM D4236, ASTM F963 and so on.
Final, store unused clay in an airtight container, do not put it in the oven, microwave, or kiln.

5 Pieces DIY Wooden Clay Tools Set

The 5-piece wooden clay tool set helps you create various clay, pottery, and ceramic artworks, including claying, sculpting, and modeling. With a variety of knife types, these tools meet diverse needs, satisfying most demands for clay sculpture creation and saving time on tool selection.  


• A set of 5 double-ended tools.

• Using for a wide range of projects and techniques.

• Made in Taiwan.

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