Benefits of Clay Modeling For Kids

What Is Air Dry Clay?

Air-dry clay is a new type of non-toxic, environment-friendly, colorful, and paintable material. Suited for any age. It can be air-dry, soft, and flexible texture making it easy for modeling and shape.

Modeling clay is a great activity to keep children away from screens and digital devices. It is very versatile and there are so many ways toddlers and preschoolers can play and experiment with it. This highly creative craft activity also engages children’s senses and is a great medium for improving their motor skills. 

Benefits of Clay Modeling for kids(refer to PennState Extension-Play with clay)

  • Approaches and reactions to a new material (imagination, steps of involvement, temperament, feelings)
  • The initiative, curiosity, and problem-solving
  • Technique and manipulation (what they do and what skills they use)
  • Physical development (small and large motor skills)
  • Ideas in representational forms (connecting ideas to meaning, symbolic demonstrations)
  • Expression and communication (language, literacy, and social and emotional skills)
  • Interactions and progressions over time (with other people, other materials)

Playing with clays can help children unleash their creativity. but you need to notice these tips to chose the safe and non-toxic clay for kids.

Clay Tips

*For kids the material is must be safe, you can choose the product that includes CE/ASTM, etc. certification mark, or before buying the product, ask the seller to provide the certification for you.

*Playing the clay needs to be supervised.