Ly Hsin enterprise established in1990s. Our product include Air Dry Modeling clay /Oil Modeling Clay /Superlightweight Modeling Clay/Whipped Cream Clay /tools..etc. Are all made with Non-toxic components and with high-quality standard.

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2018.08.10 REALLY FREE clay tools top 5
Making clay is sample things but you know what do we need clay tools? Let we tell you 【FREE TOOLS TOP 5】 &...
2015.05.18 Fake Deco Sauce coming
It's good to make sauce for fake cake accessories ( ice cream, macaroon, doughnut, cake, etc) with whipped cream clay.
2014.08.13 About Clay Certificate
LY HSIN clay are all detected by Taiwan BSMI ,EN71 and ASTM  standards.

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