Porcelain Clay 1kg(Brown)-old

Porcelain Clay 1kg(Brown)-old

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Weight 1000 g

Glue, Flour, Oil, Colors, Antibacterial


20 Pcs


Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Light-Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Skin, White, Yellow


• COLD PORCELAIN CLAY: The texture similar as the oven bake polymer clay and flexible clay. Porcelain clay remains flexible and high elasticity and it will be bright and hard after dried.

• CREATIVE PROJECTS: It’s perfect for sculpting thin detailed sculpts like flowers petals, home decoration, dolls, figurines and any claywork you can image.

• 100% PROFESSIONAL: Lyhsin has already obtained a series of authoritative certifications like ISO9001, EN71, ASTM D4236, ASTM F963 and so on.

Porcelain Clay 1kg(Brown)-old

Porcelain clay(Resin clay) is made of combinations of resin and starch. It has a smooth, silky, and flexible texture, which is easy to shape and won’t stick to your fingers. It will become waterproof, extremely strong, and durable after dry.


4 feature of porcelain clay

•  Stain-Resistant:

Porcelain clay’s stain resistance and easy cleaning make it ideal for liquid-exposed surfaces like countertops, sinks, and fixtures.

•  Elasticity:

This clay is flexible and has high elasticity after drying.

•  Durability:

Similar to resin Thai clay, it possesses excellent strength and durability, making it ideal for producing ceramic objects that need to withstand frequent use.

•  Visual Attractiveness:

Resin clay features a smooth texture and a naturally elegant white or off-white color. It can be molded into intricate forms and detailed designs, resulting in visually stunning ceramic objects.


application of porcelain clay

•  No baking needed, texture as the polymer clay. It is air-dry polymer clay. Leave it at room temperature to dried for 1-24 hours. Depends on how thick your work is.

•  Porcelain clay is Perfect for Jewelry, Sculpting, Crafting

Production Process

production process

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