How to Store Air Dry Clay?

How to Store Air Dry Clay?

Modeling Clay is such a fun clay and versatile product to use. Clay is divided into water-based clay and oil-based clay. if you don’t know the clay before, you can read the difference between water-based clay and oily clay first.

How do you keep air-dry clay from drying out?

Water-based clay is naturally air-dried, so how to preserve the clay and keep the clay from drying out is great knowledge! If it is stored well, the clay can be stored for up to a year. On the contrary, if it is not well stored, it will be easily dried out and cannot be used.

Unopened clay can be placed in a cool place for preservation.

There are 4 ways to store the clay. 

Way 1: The very simple way is to put it directly into the zip lock bag and squeeze out the air, tie it with a rubber band, and then put it in a  tightly sealed container.

Way 2: Fold the bag mouth and tie it with a rubber band or adhesive tape. (whipped cream clay is suitable for this way!)

Way 3: Wrap it with plastic wrap (you can put it in a zipper bagway 1), and then put it in a sealed box.

Way 4: Place the fresh-keeping compartment of the refrigerator. The clay must be sealed and stored in a fresh-keeping bag. When it is taken out of the refrigerator, place it for 5-10 minutes before opening.

What Temperature Is Best To Store Your Clay At?

The clay needs to store at a comfortable room temperature/ a cool environment.   

What can you do if your air-dry clay starts to dry out?

They are such reasons the clay starts to dry out, didn’t quite get the lid closed tight enough, or rubber bands don’t tie up.  you can use the fresh clay to mix with old clay, the clay will have some flexibility. you can read this post, get more ideas for drying our clay. How to Reuse the Air Dry Clay to Make Decorations


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