How to Store Air Dry Clay?

How to Store Air Dry Clay?

Modeling Clay is such a fun clay and versatile product to use. Clay is divided into water-based clay and oil-based clay. if you don’t know the clay before, you can read the difference between water-based clay and oily clay first.

How do you keep air-dry clay from drying out?
Water-based clay is naturally air-dried, so how to preserve the clay and keep the clay from drying out is great knowledge! If it is stored well, the clay can be stored for up to a year. On the contrary, if it is not well stored, it will be easily dried out and cannot be used.
Unopened clay can be placed in a cool place for preservation?
There are 4 ways to preserve unused clay.

Method 1: Put it directly into a zipper bag and squeeze out the air, tie it with a rubber band, and then put it in a sealed container.

Method 2: Fold the bag mouth and tie it with a rubber band. (whipped cream clay is suitable for this method!)

Method 3: Wrap it with plastic wrap (you can put it in a zipper bag→method 1), and then put it in a sealed box.

Method 4: Place the fresh-keeping compartment of the refrigerator. The clay must be sealed and stored in a fresh-keeping bag. When it is taken out of the refrigerator, place it for 5-10 minutes before opening.

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