Which Clay Is Best For Create and Craft?

Best Clay For Create and Craft | Taiwan Ly Hsin Clay

Air Dry Clay/ Modeling Clay/ Oil Clay is very versatile and there are many ways toddlers, preschoolers, and children can play and experiment with it. parents should encourage their kids to play with modeling clay as they create more positivity and fun compared to other toys. The best modeling clay for kids will be soft and easy to shape, non-toxic, and easily curable.

Benefits of Clay Modeling For Kids

  • Clay modeling is one of the best ways to encourage brain development.
  • Hours of clay manipulation assist in the development of eye-hand coordination and the growth of those tiny finger and hand muscles too.
  • Skills develop when playing with clay include imagination, perseverance, problem-solving, teamwork, social interaction, and self-regulation.

Which Clay Is Best For Create And Craft?

Whipped Cream Clay


  • It is ideal for creating miniature items like fake cake accessories, nail artwork, jewelry, and decorations for cell phones.
  • Using tips with cream clay can make a different shape, dry pieces can be painted with acrylic colors.
  • Looks like real whipped cream topping and shiny.

whipped cream clay picture

Polymer Clay


  • PVC material
  • Oven bake clay, will stay soft in room temperature and hardened when baked in the oven at 110 ~ 130 °C and set up for 12~15 minutes (About 1 cm thick works).

polymer clay picture

Handmade Set


  • Type of theme clay set can choose, Simulation of succulents set, Dinosaur modeling set, XMAS music box, Sweet dessert music box.

clay set picture

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