What is Whipped Cream Clay Deco Cream?

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What is whipped cream clay?

Cream clay is made of combinations of glue, powder, and water, and it is water-based clay. Cream clay has a delicate texture, and it looks like real whipped cream. With different shapes of nozzles, cream clay can be extruded to make different shapes of bottoming or crafts.

How to use whipped cream clay?

Cream clay can be attached to rough materials such as cardboard, wood. also, It requires glue to decorate on smooth surfaces such as rubber mats, glass, etc. It will have a bright, tough, and elastic appearance. Just leave the crafts to expose to the air and they will get totally dried in 1-2 days. After drying,


Clay Art Idea

  • Decorations for cell phones
  • Simulation Cream Dessert
  • Simulation Model
  • Accessories

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