What’s Different of Water Based Clay & Oil Based Clay?

What’s Different of Water Based Clay & Oil Based Clay?

Water-Based Clay

Air-dry clays are all water-based, although the rest of their ingredients can vary a huge amount as well as the characteristics of each. Many air-dry clays can be made at home, and some can be purchased. Air-dry clays all “dry” to harden because they’re water-based.

Type of water-based clay: Air-dry clay, Cream clay, Wood clay, Resin clay, Foam clay

Feature: Air dry, Easy to mix color, Easy to clean up, Easy to shape, Non-toxic, Safety.

Oil-Based Clay

Type of oil-based clay: Modeling clay, Oil Modeling clay.

Feature: Reusable, Never Dry, Colorful, Easy to shape, Safety.

How to use oil modeling clay?

  • Oil clay has a smooth, high plasticity texture and features a low melt temperature, which can be shaped and molded easily.
  • Oil modeling clay usually is used as teaching material. Kneading clay helps to develop and strengthen the muscles of children’s hands and fingers.
  • When the modeling clay sets up, it will be firm enough to hold fine detail. It is suitable for molding prototypes and making sculptures
  • Our modeling clay is sulfur-free, which is compatible with platinum silicone molding compounds.

Difference between water-based clay and oil-based clay

The difference between the two is the water-based clay will be air dry and oil-based clay will not dry and can be reused. All types of clay will vary in softness and hardness due to weather changes. If water-based clay feels a little hard during use, you can add some water to soften it, and oil-based clay can be softened by using a hairdryer. 


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