What Is The Feature of Porcelain Resin Thai Clay?

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What is resin cold porcelain clay?

Cold porcelain clay is made of combinations of resin and starch. It has a smooth, silky, and flexible texture, which is easy to shape and won’t stick to your fingers. It will become waterproof, extremely strong, and durable after drying.

How to use porcelain clay?

Porcelain clay has bright and translucent colors, which is suitable for creating crafts like food, cake, and jewelry. Remains flexible and has high elasticity after drying. No baking needed, texture as the polymer clay.it is air-dry polymer clay. leave it at room temperature to dry from 1-24 hours. Depend on how thick your work is. The rest of the clay can be sprayed with some water on the surface, and stored in a sealed bag.

Clay Art Idea

  • Simulation of succulents
  • jewelry
  • Houseware

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