How to Make Clay Candle Holder Step by Step?

This dinosaur eggs candle holder is made of air-dry clay, Air-dry clay is one of the most common materials. The texture is smooth and easy to shape. You can make and combine different pieces of clay with glue. There is no need for the kiln or oven for it to become a hard solid. When it is dry, it can be decorated with acrylic paints or watercolors. Keep unused clay in a box or plastic bag. You can keep them for as long as you like.

Pre-Work To Make Candle Holder.

  • Balloon
  • Clay Tool
  • Paper Clay
  • Acrylic Paint
  • A Cup Of Water
  • Glue

First, blow a balloon (how big decide of your mind.) and roll flat the paper clay that could be coated the ballon.

If you feel the coated paper clay isn’t flat, can use less water to make paper clay smooth.
Need to air dry three day
How To Make Dinosaur Eggs Candle Holder?
After Air-dry three days, the air dry paper clay is dried. Take out the balloon, and use the clay tool to cut a hole that could put the candle in. And then you can use acrylic to paint that color you like. When the paint is air-dry, you can use water mix glue to paint. Make this candle holder preserve.
Knock the hole bigger
You can put the candle In it
Painting what color you like
Dinosaur Eggs Candle Holder
You will have so much fun making this Dinosaur Eggs Candle Holder. What’s great is that you could make a million different versions of this same idea with air-dry clay. Youtube has tutorials if you find it easier to follow a step-by-step. 
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